Our Famous Cupcakes

At Billy, Vanilly cupcakes are our specialty. Each one has its own look and flavor. With over twenty-five different flavors appearing on our menu each week, you are bound to find a new favorite every time you come in! Print out our flavor list and try them all!
billy vanilly
classic vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream topped with sprinkles and a cherry
the retro
dark chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream dipped in chocolate and topped with swirls
death by chocolate
dark chocolate cake with bittersweet ganache dip and chocolate velvet frosting
red velvet
southern style buttermilk cake with cheesecake buttercream and candied pecans
peanut butter cup
chocolate cake with peanut butter & vanilla frosting and peanut butter cup pieces
cookies and cream
chocolate cake with Oreo cookies ‘n’ cream buttercream topped with an Oreo cookie
strawberry shortcake
strawberry swirl cake with pink strawberry buttercream – a local favorite!
i love lemon
lemon cake with fresh lemon curd topping and tangy lemon frosting
24 carrot
moist carrot spice cake frosted with vanilla buttercream

At Billy Vanilly we believe everyone should be able to enjoy a cupcake! Call our store for more information on Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan, and Gluten-Free cupcakes!

cake pops & parfait cups

If you’re interested in just a quick snack consider one of our tasty cake pops or parfait cups! Cake Pops are an infusion of cake bits and frosting that come on a stick for handy eating pleasure. Parfaits are everything that makes a delicious cupcake, but with extra buttercream mixed in with chunky bits of cupcakes – all in a handy to-go cup!

Chocolate Cake Pops

These are incredibly delicious, over the top little morsels. The chocolate shell gives way with a little snap to a moist and soft inside, like a brownie that melts in your mouth. They’re not as rich as chocolate truffles, but they are still quite sweet. Special occasion treats that everyone just loves!

Parfait CupsWhat better way to eat your cake than in a cup! Layers of cake, whipped cream, lots of ooey gooey fillings, sweet fruit and jam or homemade toppings like fudge and caramel. Perfect for on the go! Vanilla Cake Pops